• Simplicity 6 Series and Symmetry Belt

    Belt for Symmetry, 6/8 Series, and Vibrance Vacuums (2 Pack)

    Fits the following Riccar Vacuum cleaners: R20E, R20S, R20SC, R20D, VIBD, VIBDL, VIBC, VIBCNT, VIBE, VIBENT, VIBS, VIBD models, and 8000 series including models 8955 and 8925.

    Fits the following Simplicity Vacuum cleaners: S20E, S20S, S20SC, SYMD, SYMDL, SYMC, SYMCL, SYMCLNT, SYME, SYMENT, SYMS, SYMST, SYMUSA.SU, and all 6000 Series Vacuums.

  • Simplicity Freedom Belts (2 pack)

    Belts For Freedom / Supralite Models (2 Pack)

    Fits all Simplicity Freedom model vacuums except the S10P and F3700.

    This belt fits these Riccar and Simplicity Vacuum Cleaners:

    • S10E, S10S, S10D, S10CV, F3300, F3300C, F3400, F3500, F3500C, F3600, Wonder Tandem Air Deluxe Power Nozzle, and Volt electric power nozzle.
    • R10E, R10S, R10D, R10CV, RSL1, RSL3, RSL4, RSL1AC, RSL3C, Prima Tandem Air Deluxe Power Nozzle, and Volt electric power nozzle.
  • Miele SF-AA Filter

    Miele Active AirClean SF-AA 10 Filter

  • Miele SF-SAC Filter

    Miele AirClean SF-SAC Filter

  • Miele FJM HEPA Bags

    Miele FJM Bags

    Miele FJM Vacuum Bags with, AirClean 3D Efficiency, ensure that more of the dirt, dust and allergens that you wrestle up out of your carpet, stay IN the vacuum bag instead of being expelled out in to your breathing air! Miele vacuum bags are regarding as one of the best filtering vacuum bags on the market!

  • Miele GN HEPA Bags

    Miele GN Bags

  • Miele HA30 HEPA FilterMiele HA30 HEPA Filter

    Miele Hepa Airclean Filter (HA30)

  • Miele HA50 HEPA Filter

    Miele Hepa Airclean Filter (HA50)

  • Miele KK HEPA Bags

    Miele KK Bags

  • Miele U HEPA Bags

    Miele U Bags

  • Radiance R40 Series HEPA Media Bags (6 Pack)

    These bags have a yellow self-sealing bag collar and are for the Radiance R40 and R40P upright vacuums.

    These bags will not fit RADP or RAD models. See part RXH-6.

  • Riccar 8000 Series Type B HEPA Bags (6 pack)

    Genuine HEPA media type B bags fit Riccar 8000 Series uprights, both commercial and household.