Is carpeting bad for allergies?

Allergy Sufferers And Carpeting

Is carpeting bad for allergies?

One of the biggest misconceptions among allergy sufferers is that carpeting makes your symptoms WORSE. But, studies have show that asthma and allergy sufferers may in fact see their symptoms IMPROVE because of carpeting.

So, lets think about this for a minute. Have you ever walked down a hallway that was all hardwood, and noticed those little dust bunnies “running” away from you? That’s because the airflow you generate from simply walking, is stirring up the dirt and dust that is coating the floor. The worst part is that your own body becomes the filtering mechanism that removes this disturbed debris from your breathing air! Yuck!

Carpeting is perfect for containing these debris. In fact, the DAAB Study (German Allergy and Asthma Society) proved that carpeting can reduce airborne dust by 50% of that above hard flooring surfaces! Furthermore, the Carpet and Rug Institute provides fresh insight to the benefits of having carpet! So, as long as you have a good vacuum, you will be able to properly remove and contain those dust particles inside of a vacuum bag instead of in your lungs! Hooray for healthy air!

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