Bagged Vacuum Cleaners are Better

Bagged Vacuum Cleaners Are Better

Bagged Vacuum Cleaners are Better

Bob’s Original Sweeper Shop customers ask all the time, “What is the best bagless vacuum cleaner?” To many, our answer is a big surprise. That’s because we say, “There is no such thing!” Our experts on vacuum cleaners and our repeat customers agree: bagged vacuum cleaners are best! Here’s why.

Bagless Vacuums Have Leaky Seams

Bagless vacuums leak at the seals and seams, spewing out millions of fine dust particles (bacteria, viruses, allergens and more) to settle throughout your house. So instead of getting rid of dust and dirt, like a bagged vacuum, it mostly just relocates it. You’ll even notice dust collecting on your hard surfaces much sooner than it usually would if you used one of many bagged vacuum cleaner brands.

One of the claims made by bagless vacuum cleaner manufacturers is that these vacuums are appropriate for allergy sufferers because of their HEPA filter. However, since bagless vacuums do not have tightly sealed seams, the air that leaks out hasn’t gone through the HEPA filter at all. Even some of the highest rated vacuum cleaners do not feature a sealed system. Does this really sound like the best vacuum cleaner to buy for allergy sufferers?

Dusty Bin

When emptying the dust bin on bagless vacuums, there’s a thick “dust cloud” that billows out as you empty it into a trash bin. This releases a lot of the dust (bacteria, viruses, allergens and more) and dirt that you just worked hard to vacuum up.

Demanding Filters

In the absence of a bag, bagless vacuums need at least two filters to catch all the fine dust particles that flow through the vacuum. If these are not regularly cleaned (after every use) and replaced 2-4 times a year, your vacuum will spew dirtier air into your home than a bagged vacuum (even with a torn bag!) ever would!

Cost of Bagged Vacuum Cleaners versus a Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum ads have been cleverly convincing consumers that they never have to buy a vacuum bag again. However, consider this fact: over time, the cost of replacing filters in a bagless vacuum will far exceed the cost of replacing bags in a bagged vacuum cleaner.

As you head into your local vacuum cleaner store, reconsider those bagless vacuum cleaner options. For the $400 to $700 that some manufacturers are asking you to pay for bagless, you can breathe easier and have a cleaner home with a high quality bagged vacuum cleaner. Come to Bob’s Original Sweeper Shop and let us show you some options!

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