Central Vacuum Repair

Central Vacuum REPAIR in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, and Indiana

Central vacuum systems are like any other vacuum or appliance in that they need regular maintenance. We are trained to inspect and diagnose many common issues that can occur in a central vacuum system. Common issues include clogs, dirty filters, leaking inlet covers, hose shorts, etc. Our Central Vacuum Repair service ensure’s your system is performing better than ever by taking the time to check EVERY part of your system.

UPGRADE Your Current System

Like regular vacuums, central vacuum system power units and cleaning sets wear out over time and need replacement. Find the latest in high quality, durable, power packed equipment in our stores, helping to get you back to cleaning in no time! We recycle or dispose of your old equipment for you, and ensure your entire system is performing in tip-top shape!

We carry all “the goodies”, such as floor brushes, dusting brushes, crevice tool, ceiling fan tools, and more! Furthermore, we also stop maintenance items such as filters and bags! Just ask us about the latest in cleaning tool accessories! To keep your home’s cleaning system performance in top shape, ask us about our repair service!

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Central Vacuum Repair

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