What Are Central Vacuum Systems

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Why Install a Central Vacuum System??

What is a central vacuum and how is it installed?

A central vacuum system is a powerful, hygienic cleaning system that helps keep your homes air cleaner as you vacuum. They remove harmful  mold, bacteria, fungus spores, skin dander, odors, and other pollutants from your home as you vacuum!

Featuring a series of pipes run through your walls (just like your regular plumbing) and strategically placed valves, a central vacuum system is stronger, lighter, and more convenient than a traditional vacuum!

Why is a central vacuum better than my current vacuum?

The average traditional vacuum weighs 15 lbs, where as the hose & handle of a central vacuum weighs only 7 lbs! That’s a HUGE difference when it comes to cleaning stairs! Large capacity dirt buckets (and optional bags), and self cleaning filters mean you spend less time cleaning your vacuum system!

The Central Vacuum Florence, KY display has our main brands on display so you can see the difference!

Is it REALLY more Powerful than a regular vacuum?

Central Vacuum Motor

Central vacuums can be up to three times as powerful as portable vacuums. Keep in mind, that carpeting will hold up to ten times its own weight in dirt before it even shows that it is dirty! That’s just disturbing! With that said, its important to have a vacuum system that is capable of removing this debris from your carpet, helping it to appear cleaner, feel better, and last longer. Brands such as Beam Central Vacuums and Canvac Central Vacuums have been revolutionizing the central vacuum market for years! Visit the Central Vacuum Florence, KY location to see for yourself!

Central Vacuum Systems Provide UNBEATABLE Filtration

Ever ask yourself why you have to dust AFTER vacuuming? That’s because traditional vacuums disturb dirt out of the carpet, ingest it, and then retain it via bags/filters.

With a central vacuum system, the dirt is transported through a series of piping to a central collection unit. The unit is typically placed in the garage or basement (out of the “living” area of the home). Through this method, 100% of disturbed dirt, dust, and allergens are removed out of the home! Talk about some cleaner, healthier air! Just check out This Research Study done by UC-Davis on how healthy a central vacuum systems is

Central Vacuum Filter