How Do I Clean My Carpet?

Carpet cleaners come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and price ranges. It can be a very tricky decision to make, and often, an expensive one. Much like a great vacuum is essential to keeping your carpet healthy and vibrant, a carpet cleaner is vital for removing dirt, dust, debris, and allergens that can become embedded within the carpet fibers. The only way to remove this embedded dirt is to either “wash” or “encapsulate” the dirt. But, which method is the best for truly clean carpet?

Dry Cleaning

This method of cleaning is considered a “deep scrubbing” for your carpet. The most common type of dry foam cleaning system is the Kirby Shampooing system. If you don’t have a Kirby, you can buy inexpensive scrubbing machines such as the Koblenz. This method of cleaning uses a super sudsy “dry foam” that captures, and encapsulates the dirt into a crystalline. Once dry, which typically takes just around an hour, you use a high powered vacuum to suck up all of the dirt crystalline, leaving your carpets refreshed and dry in no time!

Steam Cleaning

More formally known as a “Hot Water Extractor”, these machines use a combination of hot water and a low foaming soap solution to “wash” the carpet, much like washing clothes in a washing machine. Steam Cleaners usually have some type of rotary brush to help dislodge the dirt from the fibers. This is the most common type of carpet cleaning because its the least labor intensive, but it is also the most time consuming. After you have successfully washed your carpeting, it typically takes several hours for the carpet to completely dry before you are able to walk on it again. And if you over saturate your carpeting, you can also cause it to buckle or warp (though this is highly uncommon).

Dry Cleaning

This method of cleaning is the least common form of cleaning your carpets. It is most effective for cleaning traffic lanes, hallways, and other high traffic areas. First, the cleaning area is sprayed with a pre-mist. This helps to loosen oils, greases, and heavy dirt. Next, you gently scrub it in to coat the entire fiber. Much like dry foam cleaning, the powder encapsulates the dirt, leaving behind a crystalline that gets vacuumed up. The beauty about this type of cleaning is that you are done within an hour, start to finish.

Still confused as to which type of cleaning system is best for you?  We carry all major brands of carpet cleaners from Hoover to Rug Doctor! So call or stop in to any one of our three locations to get you back to having clean carpet!

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