• Riccar Prima Canister HEPA Bags (6 pack)

    Genuine HEPA media vacuum bags are designed exclusively for the Prima canisters and feature the light green self-sealing bag closure system for easy installation and tidy disposal.

  • Riccar R40P HEPA & Granulated Charcoal Filter Set

    This premium replacement filter set for Riccar Radiance models R40P and R40 captures odors, protects the motor from dust and filters the exhaust air to keep dust, dander and other particles out of the air. This filter set includes a pleated HEPA media filter, a granulated charcoal filter and a direct air motor filter.

    Radiance RAD and RADP models require filter part number RF9UG-1.

  • Riccar Roam HEPA Filter

    This thick HEPA media filter fits the Riccar Roam broom vacuum.

  • Riccar Vibrance HEPA Media Bags (6 Pack)

    6-Pack of Genuine HEPA media bags fit most Vibrance, R Series, 4000 Series and 2000 Series upright models. 6 bags per pack.

    • Vibrance Premium with Belt Protection (VIBPBP)
    • Vibrance Commercial with Belt Protection (VIBCBP)
    • Vibrance Commercial (VIBC and VIBCNT)
    • Vibrance Premium (VIBP)
    • Vibrance Deluxe (VIBD and VIBDL)
    • Vibrance Standard (VIBS and VIBST)
    • Vibrance Classic (VIBCL and R20SC)
    • Vibrance Entry with Tools (VIBE and R20E)
    • Vibrance Entry (VIBENT and R20ENT)
    • R200, R300, R500, R600, R700 and R800 uprights.

    For Vibrance R20S, R20D, R20P and R20UP models with the self-sealing bag technology, see RMH-6 HEPA Media Bags.