Riccar / Simplicity Bags

  • 8000 / 7000 Series Type B HEPA Bags (6 pack)

    Genuine HEPA media type B bags fit Riccar 8000 Series uprights, both commercial and household.

  • Brilliance / Synchrony HEPA Bags (6 Pack)

    Genuine HEPA media bags fit Riccar Brilliance Models BRLP, BRLD, BRLS, and BRLD.RETRIEVER. Also fits Simplicity Synchrony models SCRS, SCRD, SCRP, and RETRIEVER.

    Riccar Part Number: RWH-6

    Simplicity Part Number: SWH-6


  • Compact Canister HEPA Bags (6 Pack)

    Genuine HEPA media type Z bags with a cardboard bag collar fit the Riccar Moonlight, Pizzazz and Sunburst canister vacuums. They also fit the Simplicity Jill canister.

  • Full Size Canister HEPA Bags (6 pack)

    RHH-6 bags fit these Riccar canister models:

    • Immaculate (IMMAC)
    • Impeccable (IMPEC)
    • 1800
    • 1700
    • 1500 Series
    • Pristine (STINE)
    • Charisma (CHAR)
    • Starbright (STAR)
    • RC-1700 models
    • RC-1500 models
    • RC-1400

    These bags replace the C18-6 paper bags.

  • Prima / Wonder Canister HEPA Bags (6 Pack)

    Genuine HEPA media vacuum bags are designed exclusively for the Prima canisters and feature the light green self-sealing bag closure system for easy installation and tidy disposal.

  • R10 / S10 Series HEPA Media Bags (6 pack)

    These thick, heavy-duty bags feature a green bag collar that slides closed upon removal for clean and easy bag disposal. RLH-6 bags fit the R10S, R10D, R10P, R10CV and R10SAND. For all other SupraLite models, see part RSL-6 or RFH-6.

  • R20 / S20 Series HEPA Bags (6 Pack)

    Genuine HEPA media bags fit the R20 Vibrance models with the self-sealing bag technology.

    For classic-body Vibrance models, see part RAH-6.

  • R30 / S30 Series HEPA Bags (6 Pack)

    These thick, heavy-duty HEPA bags are designed for the Riccar R30 and Simplicity S30 series vacuums. These bags have a plastic blue self-sealing bag collar.


    Riccar Part Number: RNH-6

    Simplicity Part Number SNH-6

  • R40 / S40 Series HEPA Media Bags (6 Pack)

    These bags have a yellow self-sealing bag collar and are for the Radiance R40 and R40P upright vacuums.

    These bags will not fit RADP or RAD models. See part RXH-6.

  • Radiance / Synergy Type X HEPA Bags

    Genuine HEPA media Type X bags fit Radiance (RAD) and Premium Radiance (RADP) upright vacuums. For R40 models, see part RPH-6.

  • Riccar R25 Series HEPA Bags (6 pack)

    Top-loading HEPA media bags fit the Riccar R25 series vacuums including these models:

    • R25S (Standard)
    • R25D (Deluxe)
    • R25P (Premium)
  • Supralite / Freedom Type F HEPA Bags (6 pack)

    SupraLite Type F HEPA media bags fit SupraLite RSL household and commercial models with the soft outer bag. RFH-6 fits models R10E and all RSL models.

    NOTE: SupraLite R10S, R10D, R10P and R10SAND models require the self-sealing HEPA media bags. See part RLH-6.