Riccar Bags

  • Radiance R40 Series HEPA Media Bags (6 Pack)

    These bags have a yellow self-sealing bag collar and are for the Radiance R40 and R40P upright vacuums.

    These bags will not fit RADP or RAD models. See part RXH-6.

  • Riccar 8000 Series Type B HEPA Bags (6 pack)

    Genuine HEPA media type B bags fit Riccar 8000 Series uprights, both commercial and household.

  • Riccar Brilliance HEPA Bags (6 Pack)

    Genuine HEPA media type W bags fit Brilliance models BRLP, BRLD, BRLS and Retriever BRLD.RETRIEVER models.

    Note these bags will not fit R30 models. Instead see Part RNH-6 with the blue self-sealing bag collar.

  • Riccar Brilliance R30 HEPA Bags (6 Pack)

    These thick, heavy-duty bags are designed to handle the unique way Brilliance R30 vacuums compress dirt in the bag, so replacing the bag when it’s two-thirds full is important to keep the vacuum cleaning at its best. The RNH-6 bags feature the blue bag collar that slides closed upon removal for clean and easy bag disposal. 6 bags per pack.

    For other model Brilliance vacuum models BRLS, BRLD, BRLP and BRLD.RETRIEVER, see part RWH-6 HEPA Media Bags.

  • Riccar Canister HEPA Bags (6 pack)

    RHH-6 bags fit these Riccar canister models:

    • Immaculate (IMMAC)
    • Impeccable (IMPEC)
    • 1800
    • 1700
    • 1500 Series
    • Pristine (STINE)
    • Charisma (CHAR)
    • Starbright (STAR)
    • RC-1700 models
    • RC-1500 models
    • RC-1400

    These bags replace the C18-6 paper bags.

  • Riccar Compact Canister HEPA Bags (6 pack)

    Genuine HEPA media type Z bags with a cardboard bag collar fit the Riccar Moonlight, Pizzazz and Sunburst canister vacuums. They also fit the Simplicity Jill canister.

  • Riccar Prima Canister HEPA Bags (6 pack)

    Genuine HEPA media vacuum bags are designed exclusively for the Prima canisters and feature the light green self-sealing bag closure system for easy installation and tidy disposal.

  • Riccar R25 Series HEPA Bags (6 pack)

    Top-loading HEPA media bags fit the Riccar R25 series vacuums including these models:

    • R25S (Standard)
    • R25D (Deluxe)
    • R25P (Premium)
  • Riccar Radiance Type X HEPA Bags

    Genuine HEPA media Type X bags fit Radiance (RAD) and Premium Radiance (RADP) upright vacuums. For R40 models, see part RPH-6.

  • Riccar Supralite HEPA Media Bags (6 pack)

    These thick, heavy-duty bags feature a green bag collar that slides closed upon removal for clean and easy bag disposal. RLH-6 bags fit the R10S, R10D, R10P, R10CV and R10SAND. For all other SupraLite models, see part RSL-6 or RFH-6.

  • Riccar Supralite Type F HEPA Bags (6 pack)

    SupraLite Type F HEPA media bags fit SupraLite RSL household and commercial models with the soft outer bag. RFH-6 fits models R10E and all RSL models.

    NOTE: SupraLite R10S, R10D, R10P and R10SAND models require the self-sealing HEPA media bags. See part RLH-6.

  • Riccar Supraquick Paper Bags (6 pack)

    Riccar SupraQuik paper bags contain an inner bag lining that captures microscopic particles, germs, bacteria, pollen, spores, dust mites and allergens.