Simplicity Vacuum Cleaners

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    Simplicity A-Go-Go Cordless Stick Vacuum

    Simplicity A-Go-Go Cordless Vacuum

    The A-Go-Go cordless stick vacuum features:

    • 40-Volt Lithium ion battery
    • 40 Minutes of vacuuming per charge
    • 140 Motor watts and 2 cleaning speeds
    • HEPA media filter
    • Ultra-bright LED headlight
    • Polishing strip for squeaky clean bare floors
    • Combination dusting brush and crevice tool
    • Large rubber wheels and small felt wheels pamper bare floors
    • Convenient charging base
    • Zero foot cord!
    • Color: Metallic Green/White
    • 2 Year vacuum warranty and 1 year battery warranty
    $429.99 $329.99
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    Simplicity Jill Canister

    Simplicity Jill Canister

    Jill’s Wish offers grants of up to $1500 on a rolling basis to cover non-medical living expenses for those with newly-diagnosed or terminal breast cancer. The grant is for housing expenses (rent or mortgage), utility bills and any car payments. The foundation helps pay bills directly to the housing lender, landlord, utility company and auto loan holder, so the individual doesnt have to worry. It is one more thing they can rest assured is taken care of while they spend time with friends and family and rest and recover.

    $10 of every purchase of a Simplicity Jill Canister by an authorized retailer helps support those who are currently battling or recovering from breast cancer. Help us help those who need us most!

    $189.99 $149.99
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    Simplicity Pixie Corded Stick Vacuum

    Simplicity Pixie Stick Vacuum

    The Pixie broom vacuum features:

    • 7.5 Amp motor
    • Spinning brushroll
    • HEPA media filter
    • Rubber wheels and felt nozzle wheels pamper bare floors
    • Squeegee and polishing strijp
    • Easy to empty large capacity dust bin
    • 26-Foot cord
    • Color: Metallic Pink/White
    • 2 Year warranty
    $189.99 $149.99
  • Simplicity S10E Ultra Lightweight Vacuum

    Simplicity S10E Lightweight Vacuum

    Tried and true, the Freedom Entry is an amazing value that’s built to last. With a heavy-duty cord hook, wood brushroll and the all the performance you expect from a Simplicity Freedom, the Entry model is now in a bright new color at a great new price.

    Freedom Entry model S10E features:

    • 5.5 Amp motor
    • Wood brushroll
    • Ultra-filtration paper bag
    • On/off switch on the nozzle
    • 30-foot cord
    • 3 year warranty
    • Weight: 8 pounds
    • Color: Red
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    Simplicity S20E Symmetry

    Simplicity S20E Vacuum

    Welcome to Symmetry! The S20E model sports the power and performance you expect from a Simplicity vacuum and comes with a great price tag. With a detachable hose and on-board tools, Symmetry cleans carpet, bare floors, ceiling corners and almost everything in between. The Symmetry Entry model features:

    • 10 Amp motor
    • Wood brushroll
    • Foam filter
    • 30-Foot cord
    • Ready Reach wand
    • On-board tools include a crevice tool and dusting brush
    • Color: White
    • 3 Year warrant
    $329.99 $299.99
  • Simplicity S100 Sport Utility Vacuum

    Simplicity Sport Portable Vacuum Cleaner

    Have power, will travel with this portable vacuum cleaner!

    • 700 watt motor
    • Odor absorbing charcoal filter and twin ply electrostatic bag
    • Shoulder strap
    • 4.5 pounds
    • Tools include 2 wands, floor tool, flexible hose, dusting brush, crevice tool and upholstery tool
    • 25-foot cord
    • Micro tool set included
    • Coal Black
    • 2 year warranty