Riccar / Simplicity Filters (Page 2)

  • Simplicity S20EZM Filter Set

  • Simplicity S20PET Filter Set

  • Steward / Pixie HEPA Filter Set

    The RFS filter set includes the replacement HEPA media filter and foam filter for the Riccar Steward broom vacuum.

  • Supraquik / Sport Charcoal Filter

    This replacement charcoal filter fits the Riccar SupraQuik RSQ1 portable canister vacuum.

  • Vibrance / Symmetry HEPA & Charcoal Filter Set

    A pleated HEPA media and charcoal filter help keep your Vibrance in top operating condition. Fits these models:

    • Vibrance Premium, model VIBP
    • Vibrance Premium with Belt Protection, model VIBPBP