CleanMax Pro Series CMPS QDZ

CleanMax Pro Series CMPS QDZ

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CleanMax Pro Series CMPS QDZ vacuums are tough enough to withstand any demand. The CleanMax Zero features Hall TM Sensor technology for a lifetime belt. This Pro-Series upright has zero belt changes and uses metal components in high-wear areas for durability, saving you time, expense, and aggravation. Plus, it traps everything in the vacuum with a HEPA filter and HEPA bag. The high-wear areas of the vacuum are protected by metal components, and the fan and motor are safeguarded by the Clean Air System.

This 10 AMP Capped Motor - Clean Air System - HEPA Media Filtration Standard - Thermal and Pressure Activated Motor Protection - Tool-Less Belt Change is perfect for quick and easy maintenance, reducing downtime. The Quick Clean-Out Port provides easy access to clear away debris, while the Metal Handle and Cord Hook make it easy to carry and store. The Bottom Plate and Quick Draw Tools with 12″ Cleaning Reach make it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas. The Aluminum Telescopic Wand and Metal Brushroll with Ball Bearings make it easy to maneuver and clean. The 4 Rubber Wheels with Brass Bushings make it easy to move around and the 14″ Nozzle with Riveted Bumper Guard make it easy to clean without damaging your floors. The Automatic Height Adjustment and 6.5″ Pigtail with (2) 30 foot Commercial Grade Cords make it easy to use and store.

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