Dirt Devil C Upright Vacuum Bags


Dirt Devil Style C Genuine 3 Pack Vacuum Bags


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The Dirt Devil  3700147001 TYPE C Bag is the correct genuine replacement for the following models:

  • Dirt Devil Deluxe Upright, Dirt Devil MVP Upright, Dirt Devil 7100-1, Dirt Devil 7170-1, Dirt Devil 7200-1, Dirt Devil 7210-1
  • Dirt Devil 7211-1, Dirt Devil 7221-1, Dirt Devil 7230-1, Dirt Devil 7232-1, Dirt Devil 7270-1, Dirt Devil 7470-1, Dirt Devil 8100
  • Dirt Devil 8170, Dirt Devil 8200, Dirt Devil 8211PR, Dirt Devil 8221, Dirt Devil 8232, Dirt Devil 8232WC, Dirt Devil 8300, Dirt Devil 8470

The Dirt Devil TYPE C Vacuum Bag is a genuine replacement vacuum bag for your upright Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner. The genuine Type C Vacuum Bags come in a convenient 3 pack. The Dirt Devil Replacement Vacuum Bag is for use on your Deluxe Upright or MVP Upright Dirt Devil model. The Deluxe Type C vacuum Bag features a micro-allergen filter that captures 94% of dust, dirt, and other household allergens.

Dirt Devil Type C Bag 3-Pack Specifications:

  • Contains 3 Type C Deluxe Bags
  • For Dirt Devil model vacuums
  • Part #: 3700147001

The Dirt Devil Deluxe Type C Vacuum Bag 3-pack replacement helps your Dirt Devil run at optimum performance. The Deluxe Type C Vacuum Bag allows air to pass through but traps all your household dust, dirt, and debris.

The Type C Vacuum Bag is disposable to ensure that your Dirt Devil Vacuum is picking up the most dirt and debris possible. The Dirt Devil Deluxe Type C Vacuum Bag comes in a convenient 3-pack to save you extra trips to the store. It is recommended to change your Type C Vacuum Bag every 1 to 2 months, or based on usage.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 10.31 × 7.28 × .91 in