Electrolux PN5 PN6 Geared Vacuum Belt


PN5 PN6 Geared Vacuum Belt # 26-3315-02, 07527-0027 by Electrolux fits their Discovery and Sanitaire 500 Series and SC-6600

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This Electrolux replacement geared belt is built to last.

This belt will only fit Electrolux vacuum cleaners with the PN5, PN6 and PN7 power nozzle and uses the Electrolux style U bags.

This replacement vacuum belt will fit these Electrolux Upright vacuum cleaner units:

Ambassador and Ambassador III

Ambassador Plus

Diplomat and Diplomat LX

Discovery and Discovery Advantage

Discovery III and Discovery II

Epic 8000

Epic 6500 and Epic 6000

Epic 3500 and Epic 2500


Genesis LXE and Genesis LX

Guardian and Guardian Encore

Hi-Tech 2100


Lux 6000, Lux 5500and Lux 5000

Lux 4000, Lux 3000 and Lux 2000

Lux 7000 and Lux 9000

Marquise and Grand Marquise




Ultralux and Ultralux LX

Ultralux Classic

Electrolux LE

Electrolux Model 90

Xtreme U129B and U136B

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Weight .32 oz
Dimensions 3.14 × .56 × .38 in