Hoover Wind Tunnel Exhaust Filter


3 Layer Filter Self Propelled  Hoover Windtunnel 2pk

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Hoover Wind tunnel Bagless And Self Propelled Upright U5750 Type 06 Final Filter 2 Pk. 10.5" Long Filter. Fits Models : U5760900, U6471900, U6616900, U6617960, U6618900, U6632900, U6637960, U6637900, U6607900, U6485900, U5786900, UH50000, UH40020, UH50005B, UH40065, UH40115CA, UH60000, UH40125, UH40145B, UH60010, UH60000W, UH40265, U6485100, U6485200B, U6485300B,U5753900, U5753950, U5753960, U5753980, U5760910, U5768900, U5720950, U5725960, U57009RM, U66009RM, U6439900, U6630900, U5720960, U5725900, U5752900
Genuine Part # 40110006, 38766021, AH45004

  • Pack of 2 Exhaust Filters Type 06

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 7.1 × 2 × .4 in