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For a versatile cleaner that won’t take up all of your time, the Sebo Felix 1 Premium can go anywhere and clean anything. Equipped with a floor power brush head for carpeting, a parquet brush for bare floors, a crevice nozzle for awkward spaces and an upholstery brush for furniture and staircases, this vacuum truly can clean anything. With just a quick adjusting of the handle and pushing of a button, the Felix changes from an upright to a hand-held canister cleaner perfect for dusting jobs and staircases. The instant-use suction hose is far reaching and connects to the handy tools. The power nozzle has four separate height levels for the best possible clean with each floor type. The brush has an automatic shut off should it pick up an obstructing object to protect the motor and the brush roll. The Felix also alerts you in case it is functioning on the incorrect height setting or if the brush becomes worn. The brush is easily removed for quick and easy maintenance and can be automatically shut off for bare floors and thin rugs. For extra comfort as you clean, the Felix has an adjustable handle to fit any height. A full-bag and clog indicator will keep you running smooth for the entirety of your cleaning. The Sebo offers hospital grade filtration including an exhaust filter that absorbs noise and odors as well as dust particles. The pre-motor filter helps protect the motor from dust build-up for a longer lasting machine. The top-fill bag allows for better air flow and collects all of the dust and dirt without making the vacuum lose suction or power. The bag also seals shut for clean and easy removal. By cleaning the air that passes through it, the Sebo Felix protects itself and your air. While this lightweight vacuum is easy to use and full of conveniences, it is also one of the most durable vacuums on the market. Made of all quality materials, the Felix is built to last for years to come and will quickly become your favorite vacuum cleaner.

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Weight 304 oz
Dimensions 46.5 × 10.25 × 8.5 in