Shark UV420 HEPA Replacement Filter XHF80


Vacuum HEPA Replacement Filter XHF80 fits Shark Navigator Pro NV60 NV70 NV80 NV90 UV420 Vacuum Cleaners

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This HEPA ("High-Efficiency Particulate Air") vacuum filter will prevents dust, pet hair, dander, dust mites, and other tiny contaminants from circulating into the air when you vacuum. This is particularly beneficial for allergy and asthma sufferers. Keep in mind this is a replacement/aftermarket product, not an OEM product.

  • Replacement HEPA filter comparable to part # XHF80
  • Compatible with shark navigator professional upright vacuum NV60, NV70, shark navigator DLX upright NV71, shark navigator professional NV80, shark navigator professional upright NVC80C
  • Also fits Shark Rotator Professional XL Upright NV90, Shark Rotator Professional XL Upright NV95, Shark Navigator Professional UV420
  • Helps capture and trap airborne particulates, preventing them from recirculating into the air

Additional information

Weight 4.8 oz
Dimensions 8.2 × 5.7 × 3.4 in