Simplicity Style H HEPA Bags 6pk


Simplicity Style H HEPA Bags 6pk


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Simplicity Style H HEPA Bags 6pk SHH-6 bags are identical to the Riccar RHH-6 bags and are 100% interchangeable. They are made by Tacony corporation.

The Simplicity SHH-6 HEPA bags designed for the following Simplicity Canister vacuum cleaners:
HEPA Media bags fit Simplicity Power Team and Mid Size Canisters. Whether you have the Gusto, Moxie, S38 or S36 power team canisters, or the Verve, Jessie, Cinch, S24, S20 or S18 mid-size canisters, these bags will take care of your sweeper needs. See Details below for a complete list of vacuums these bags fit. Simplicity Type H HEPA vacuum cleaner bags made by Simplicity.

Vacuum cleaner bags should be changed regularly to keep your vacuum cleaner running smoothly. Full vacuum bags lead to reduced suction and compromise the performance of your machine. Replace you vacuum bags at 3/4 full to keep your vacuum operating at its peak performance.

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