Belt for Symmetry, 6/8 Series, and Vibrance Vacuums (2 Pack)


Fits the following Riccar Vacuum cleaners: R20E, R20S, R20SC, R20D, VIBD, VIBDL, VIBC, VIBCNT, VIBE, VIBENT, VIBS, VIBD models, and 8000 series including models 8955 and 8925.

Fits the following Simplicity Vacuum cleaners: S20E, S20S, S20SC, SYMD, SYMDL, SYMC, SYMCL, SYMCLNT, SYME, SYMENT, SYMS, SYMST, SYMUSA.SU, and all 6000 Series Vacuums.

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Weight .09 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × .5 in